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Endermologie offers a 100% natural alternative: stimulating our skin to fight all unaesthetic manifestations (wrinkles, sagging skin, localized resistant fat, cellulite appearance, and more).

The mechanical stimulation of cells, called endermologie®, thus reactivates their awakening naturally and painlessly.

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Omniluxlight therapy

A painless, nonsurgical light therapy treatment that involves a precise wavelength of coloured light passing through the skin to be stimulated your own collagen and elastin. Your skin will be more energised and hydrated as Tuenda Medical is ideal for targeting sun damaged skin, while the blue light attacks the bacteria responsible for acne.

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Skin needling

Rebuild your own collagen from the inside out, by using the dermapen to pierce the skin causing microscopic puncture wounds to the dermis it stimulates the skins own natural wound healing process to produce collagen and elastin.

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Microdermabrasion is a deep exfoliation using crystal’s’ which resurfaces the skin by removing dead skin cell’s to stimulate collagen and elastin. Results are immediately visible, helping reduce pore size and fine lines.

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Working on all skin types and colours and able to target blonde, fair and new hair growth, our IPL system is effective for even the most stubborn hair growth. Our advanced system is perfect for both men and women and is pain-free and long lasting.

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Dermalogica Facial Treatment

Dermalogica facials target your most pressing skin concerns and improve the health of your skin. We customized each facial treatment to meet the needs of your skin.

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Skin peels

SkinFitness Clinic peels revitalise and rejuvenate the skin by removing the damaged outer-layers with minimal to zero down-time or time spent hiding inside. You will see a reduction in fine lines, congestion and blocked pores. Our treatments also improve irregular pigmentation and promote hydration. We use only the highest-quality products from Dermalogica, OCosmedics and ASAP.

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Skinfitness personalised skin training

At SkinFitness Clinic we know that skin changes on a daily basis. We also understand that sometimes life gets busy and we don’t look after ourselves, or our skin, as much as we should. For this reason, we develop customised programs that help you on your skin rejuvenation journey.

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Lashes and brows

At SkinFitness Clinic we understand that perfectly-shaped brows are your face’s frame. Accentuating your eyes, we customise perfectly defined brows and lashes to suit your unique face shape. 

Our highly-trained technicians specialise in eyebrow transformation including henna treatments and eyelash extensions. Your eyes are precious, and we believe you shouldn’t be putting them at risk in the name of beauty. That’s why we take your eye treatment seriously, so you can sit back, and relax, knowing you are professional hands. 

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Our process is gentle and effective. First of all, we never recycle or double-dip into wax. Your skin and its hygiene are our highest priority. Each session is finished off with a light massage and warm towel treatment.

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Spray tans

You just don’t want any tan you want the best tan. At The Skinfitness Clinic you will look and feel beautifully tanned all year around with TechnoTan and Naked Tan.

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Body treatments

When it is time for you to turn off from the outside world and allow yourself a deserving indulgence to relax, revitalize and rejuvenate your body. Relieve built up stress and tension with our calming and relaxing Hot stone massage, spa pedicure or spa manicure. What ever part of the body you need treated we can customised your treatment.

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