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How it works

From the age of 32, our body’s ability to make collagen reduces by 1% every year with skin losing its youthful bounce. endermologie® is a whole-body system which lifts and stimulates skin cells to promote collagen production. 100% natural, age-defying and non-invasive, endermologie®:

  • attacks cellulite on the body and improves the body’s ability to naturally break up and release stubborn fat pockets that are resistant to diet and exercise
  • re-sculpts, tones and contours
  • reduces lines and wrinkles
  • firms facial contours and clarifies the complexion.

Our French-trained therapist is one of only 12 in Australia who is qualified to use this system to its full potential. Book now to join the fight for natural beauty.

Facial Treatments

Endermologie is a natural and pleasant technique that gently stimulates the skin to create an intense skin awakening. Your complexion is brighter, replumed and wrinkles smoother. You will see visible results after one session. A non-invasive alternative to surgery and Botox.

60 minute facial


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Body Treatments

A natural and pleasant technique that gently mobilises the tissues to boost circulatory exchanges, activates stubborn fat release, smooths cellulite and firms the skin wherever you want. You can resculpt, reduce fat, smooth and firm any part of your body, without the invasive surgical procedures of times gone by. Many women (and men) have experienced a 4.2cm reduction in waistline with an increased 70% of fat released.

45 minute treatment


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