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Dermalogica Facial Treatment

Facial treatments

Dermalogica facials target your most pressing skin concerns and improve the health of your skin. We customized each facial treatment to meet the needs of your skin.

Facial treatments

Dermalogica Skin Fitness Plan – Powered by Face Mapping® Skin Analysis

Your skin is unique, let’s treat it that way! Discover how to achieve your best skin ever with your complimentary skin fitness plan. After an in-depth skin analysis, our skin experts will help you understand your skin conditions and discuss your key concerns. Learn how to match your lifestyle with your skincare for healthy, glowing skin.

Complimentary 5 minute treatment


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Dermalogica FaceFit Treatment

Fix skin concerns fast with our 10-minute seated treatment. Let your skin therapist show you professional tips to get you healthy skin that glows. Ideal if you are new to skin treatments, need a skin boost or before a special event.

10 minute treatment


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Dermalogica ProSkin Treatment

30 minute treatment

Our customised treatment, on your time! Targeting your key skin concern for maximum impact in minimum time using high tech machinery and power boosted product options. This treatment is a firm favourite with those who have just 30 minutes, want visible results for great value.


60 minute treatment

The ultimate treatment, different every time. A personalised, 60-minutes Dermalogica treatment that takes you on a sensory journey, whilst receiving high impact treatment using today’s high-tech machinery combined with our latest product innovations, to achieve your healthiest skin. This personalised, impactful treatment is delivered in a soothing environment made for relaxation. This bespoke treatment is the ideal choice for those who want a comprehensive experience that addresses an array of your skin concerns. Glowing skin with Dermalogica.


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PRO Power Peel 30

This powerful peel smooths skin while targeting individual skin concerns such as – signs of acne, hyperpigmentation, and premature ageing for a completely customised experience.

30 minute treatment

The express 30-minute treatment features our highly active Pro Power Peel, tailored to your skin’s needs. This powerful peel smooths skin while targeting individual skin concerns such as -signs of acne, hyperpigmentation premature aging for a completely customised experience.


60 minute treatment

Ultra-potent and completely customised. You’ve never had a peel like this before. This comprehensive 60-minute treatment pairs with our most powerful peel yet with advanced techniques to thoroughly address skins ever-changing needs.


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