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Skinfitness personalised skin training

Skinfitness skin program

How it works

In the first instance, your skin undergoes our unique Face Mapping program as part of a full consultation. From here, we will help you map out a path to total skin rejuvenation. We believe that skin is like any muscle – feed it right and look after it and it will work well, for life. Personalised skin training programs help you achieve your skin goals by:

  • targeting specific skin concerns
  • taking into account the unique characteristics of your skin
  • understanding your lifestyle and day-to-day activities
  • customising each visit’s treatment to your skin’s specific needs on that day
  • offering an array of different treatments which treat, correct, and rebalance specific cells and skin layers on a regular basis
  • changing the cell behaviour and function of your skin.

So, turn back your skin’s clock! Our highly-qualified dermal therapist can’t wait to join you on your SkinFitness journey.

Skinfitness skin program

Level 1

Prepaid course of 3 Skinfitness specialised treatments


Level 2

Prepaid course of 6 Skinfitness specialised treatments


Level 3

Prepaid course of 9 Skinfitness specialised treatments


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