What is endermologie®?

Endermologie® is a natural, non-invasive medical technique that gently stimulates the skin to create an intense awakening for your face and body. Think of it like a deep massage but in addition to it being relaxing, it reactivates your skin cells and triggers physiological responses deep down, allowing your body to undergo an incredible transformation.

The endermologie® treatment gently mobilises the tissues to boost circulatory exchanges, activates stubborn fat release, smooths cellulite and firms the skin wherever you want.

The benefits of endermologie® include:

  • Joint mobility and pain reduction
  • Tension relief and reduced swelling and stiffness (great for pregnant women)
  • Skin tightening and cellulite reduction Improved lymphatic drainage
  • Reduces swelling and bloating
  • Reduces lines and wrinkles
  • Firming facial contours and clarifying the complexion

How it works

From the age of 32, our body’s ability to produce collagen reduces by 1% every year, resulting in our skin losing its youthful balance. The stimulation delivered by the patented LPG endermologie® treatment works to lift and stimulate skin cells to promote collagen production, attacking cellulite on the body and improving the body’s ability to naturally break up and release stubborn fat pockets that are resistant to diet and exercise.

The hand-held endermologie® tool gently massages and rolls the skin, sucking on the soft tissue of the area that is being treated. This combination of massage and suction is a form of therapy that other treatments are unable to replicate. This is a 100% natural, age-defying and non-invasive treatment.

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What to expect during your treatment at The SkinFitness Clinic

Our French-trained therapist is one of only 12 in Australia who is qualified to use this system to its full potential. Your session will begin with a full physical consultation to determine your skin goals and whether they are achievable with the endermologie® system. Before the treatment we will provide you with a special bodysuit made of lycra and cotton that is yours to keep. You’ll change into the bodysuit and our specialist will massage you using the endermologie® hand-held tool that will knead your body in various directions.

Common questions we get asked about endermologie®

Does it hurt?

No, it feels like a deep massage. It feels like your muscles are stretching and it can feel ticklish in some areas.

How long does it take?

The process takes around 45 minutes but the full appointment is 1 hour.

How many treatments are required?

Although you may feel better after 1 session, we recommend committing to a minimum of 3 sessions to see visible results. If you book 3 sessions together, you will receive 10% off. If you purchase 5 sessions, you will receive the 6th session free.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, AfterPay is available.

What do I wear?

We will provide you with a special bodysuit to change into before the treatment starts. This bodysuit is yours to keep, but we will keep it at the salon with your name on it and wash it after every session.

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Treatment Prices

45 minute endermologie® facial treatment $99

60 minute endermologie® facial treatment $150

With face endermologie®, your complexion will appear brighter, with smoothed wrinkles, firmer skin around the jowls, reduced fine lines and a more radiant complexion. You will see visible results after one session. This is a non-invasive alternative to surgery and Botox.


30 minute endermologie® single area body treatment $90

60 minute endermologie® full body treatment $130

With body endermologie® you can resculpt, reduce fat, smooth and firm any part of your body without an invasive surgical procedure. Many women and men have experienced a 4.2cm reduction in waistline and the elimination of +70% of resistant and localised fat. You will see visible results after three sessions. Purchase 5 treatments and receive the 6th free and a skin firming pack worth $129 


After having the LPG lymphatic treatment a month ago, I have had no reoccuring symptoms. Just to be sure and because it feels good, I had another one today. I also felt the massage on my lower back, thighs and calves has helped the pain I experience with my Bursitis. 

– Lesley from Carina, 3 June 2019