Just like women, men have their own skin imperfections to deal with. At The SkinFitness Clinic, we do not judge anyone who walks through our door. We believe everyone has the right to look and feel their best.

For some men, constantly shaving throughout their life can result in damaged skin, which is why it’s just as important to seek proper skin care treatments.

Additionally, if you have not adopted a regular skincare routine from an early age, your skin can also build up dirt and bacteria. Wrinkles and saggy skin can also cause men (and women!) to look older than they are.

Our range of treatments are suitable for both men and women, but all of our treatments are customised to your skin’s individual requirements.


This treatment is a deep exfoliation that works to remove the build up of dead skin cells and improve your skin’s overall tone and texture. It’s also great for getting dirt out of skin!

Learn more about Microdermabrasion

LED Light Therapy

This treatment uses infrared lights that penetrate deeply into the skin to support tissue repair and collagen production, reduce inflammation and regenerates the skin.

Learn more about LED Light Therapy

Skin Needling

This treatment is a minimally invasive treatment that is designed to repair broken down skin and improve the appearance of lines, wrinkles and facial scarring.

Learn more about Skin Needling

IPL Hair Reduction

Our IPL system is effective for even the most stubborn hair growth, and can target all areas of the body including chest, back, arms and legs.

Learn more about IPL Hair Reduction

Not sure where to begin? Contact me for a complimentary skin consultation and we can talk about the best course of treatment for your skin.