What is LED Light Therapy?

LED Light therapy is a painless, non-surgical treatment that improves your skin health through innovative energy sources which are directly transmitted by way of LED lights. This results in more energised and hydrated skin. It can be used to treat acne, psoriasis, anti-aging, couperose skin and pigmentation.

The benefits of LED Light Therapy include:

  • Targeted removal of bacteria that causes acne, making it perfect for teenagers and those with adult acne
  • Firming and tightening of the skin through increased collagen and elastin production
  • Reduced inflammation and controlled pigmentation, psoriasis and eczema

How it works

Our LED Light Therapy device is a medical grade Italian machine that can only be used by certified doctors and highly trained dermal therapists. The process involves a precise wavelength of coloured lights passing through the skin to stimulate your body’s own collagen and elastin production.

Using a safe combination of red, blue and infrared lights, LED Light Therapy is safe for all skin types.

  • The red light penetrates deeply into the skin to support tissue repair and collagen production
  • The blue light kills the bacteria that causes acne vulgaris
  • The infrared light stimulates the cells, reduces inflammation and regenerates the skin in cases of deep skin aging

Your treatment will be tailored to your specific skin concern which will be discussed in your skin consultation.

Common questions we get asked about LED Light Therapy

Does it hurt?

No, in fact 90% of clients fall asleep during an LED Light treatment. It’s quite relaxing!

How long does it take?

We can do an Omnilux LED Light Therapy Facial treatment in 45 minutes or an advanced Tuenda Light Therapy facial treatment in 70 minutes.

How many treatments are required?

For best results it is best to complete a course of six treatments. You will see noticable improvements in your skin after the third day, then we recommend to have a treatment every week to build that up. Maintenance treatments are recommended every 4-6 months. We will discuss the number of treatments required to reach your skin health goals during your consultation.

Treatment Prices

45 minute Omnilux LED Light Therapy facial treatment $80

60 minute Tuenda Light therapy advanced facial treatment $138


I am so grateful for Renee and the Skin Fitness Clinic. Having suffered many years of acne and unbalanced skin Renee has been nothing but supportive and patient with me. From the moment I walk in I’m relaxed and I know that no matter what is going on with my skin Renee will help. Her knowledge is superior, she stays updated with the latest research, invests in quality equipment and products, and the service she offers is outstanding. As a Yoga Teacher I thoroughly enjoy the mindfulness touches of oils and tea to conclude the treatment. Having sensitive skin I’m usually reluctant to try new things but at the Skin Fitness Clinic I feel safe and I would recommend their services to anyone!

– Dianne 11 Jan 2020