What is microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive exfoliation treatment that works to remove the build up of dead skin cells and improve your skin’s overall tone and texture. Results are immediately visible, which is why it is one of our most popular services.


  • Cell turnover and renewal
  • Collagen and elastin generation
  • Reduced pore size, age scars and scarring
  • Softens fine lines and textures Reduced occurrence and treatment of acne
  • Reduction of cellulite
  • Greater allowance of products to more readily penetrate the skin

How it works

There are two types of handheld devices or “wands” that are used in a microdermabrasion treatment: Crystal Microdermabrasion (crystal tip) and Bio-hydrodermabrasion (diamond tip).

While different techniques, they are both designed to achieve the same goal. In your consultation we will determine which technique to apply to your skin.

The device is gently applied to your skin to gently and deeply exfoliate the outer layers. The tips slowly work their magic over your skin and into your pores, removing any blockages such as dirt, oil and dead skin cells.

By removing the older cells that don’t renew or turn over as often, the body quickly replaces newer, younger and healthier skin cells. After the completion of the removal process, a vacuum suction whisks away the crystals, leaving your skin smoother, brighter and firmer.

Bio-hydrodermabrasion (Diamond Tip)

A wet and dry microdermabrasion which combines diamond tip exfoliation, liquid exfoliation, skin cooling and hydrating for an immediately visible improvement to your skin with zero downtime.

Crystal Microdermabrasion (Crystal Tip)

Designed to clean harder-to-reach areas, our crystal microdermabrasion treatment works by blasting crystals onto the skin to remove the dead skin cell layers, for an immediately visible improvement to your skin with zero downtime.

What to expect during your treatment at The SkinFitness Clinic

Your appointment will begin with a skin analysis, where we will discuss your skin concerns and your overall skin health goals. This consultation will determine which of our microdermabrasion devices will be used. After the analysis we will give you a gown to change into and cleanse your decolletage, then we will begin the microdermabrasion treatment with either our Crystal Micro or Bio Hydro Micro hand-held machine.

Following the exfoliation, we will apply a contouring mask customised to your skin. While the mask sets you will enjoy a neck and decolletage massage. Finally, we will peel away the mask and finish with an application of moisturiser and sunscreen.

Common questions we get asked about microdermabrasion

Does it hurt?

Some clients experience a slight stinging sensation with the Crystal Micro machine. We’ve heard it feels like being on the beach on a windy day! The Hydro Micro machine does not hurt at all and many clients say it feels quite cool and refreshing – a perfect treatment to have in summer.

How long does it take?

We can do an express microdermabrasion treatment in 30 minutes (sometimes called the “lunchtime peel”) or an advanced microdermabrasion treatment in 1 hour. Bio-hydrodermabrasion treatments can be 30 minutes for an express or 75 minutes for an advanced treatment. Macro-exfoliation can be 30 minutes for an express or 60 minutes for an advanced treatment.

How many treatments are required?

The beauty of microdermabrasion is that it can be effective from just one treatment or it can be done regularly (i.e. once a month) to get rid of regular dead skin cell build up. With a course of procedures you will see better results and removal of blemishes. We will discuss the number of treatments required to reach your skin health goals during your consultation.

Will my skin be red after a microdermabrasion treatment?

Some clients experience some slight redness, which can be covered with light makeup. The amount of redness will depend on the strength of the procedure which will be discussed during your consultation, but any redness will fade within one to twenty-four hours.

Treatment Prices

30 minute microdermabrasion express treatment $89

60 minute microdermabrasion advanced treatment $140


30 minute Bio-hydrodermabrasion express treatment $89

60 minute Bio-hydrodermabrasion advanced treatment $140


30 minute Crystal Microdermabrasion express treatment $89

60 minute Crystal Microdermabrasion advanced treatment $140




Loved my microdermabrasion by Renee. My skin felt amazing afterwards!
– Cathy, 10 July 2020